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  • 20.06.2010
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Donut breast lift

Donut lifts are often done in conjunction with a breast augmentation. They're also beneficial for women who are looking to reduce the size of. A mini-breast lift is designed to help elevate the nipple to a more aesthetic level and can help reduce some of the extra tissue at the bottom of the breast. This lift. Questions about Breast Lift and Doughnut, with answers from board-certified doctors. Get all of your questions answered on RealSelf. The donut mastopexy is a very common modified breast lift procedure, which is used to correct mild to moderate breast ptosis. This procedure is also known as Benelli mastopexy or concentric mastopexy.. Breast lift surgery offers a wide spectrum of possible results, ranging from incredible to disappointing. Breast Lift & Breast Reduction Recovery. Recovery from a traditional breast lift or Mastopexy or Breast Reduction are more involved surgeries than the simpler Donut Breast Lift because the excess skin is being removed in a key hole type pattern or anchor pattern and there are more pressure on the scars to hold everything together. There are many different surgical techniques for a breast lift. If the patient requires a reposition of the nipple and a small amount of lift, a donut mastopexy is an excellent option. In this procedure, we make incision around the perimeter of the nipple and then an outer incision into the breast skin.
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