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  • 14.03.2010
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Guitar thumb pain

Your thumb hurts because you are pushing your thumb backwards on itself in . If you pull the guitar body onto your own body, then use the fretting arm to pull. These are the same muscles that should be engaging when you are playing guitar. The thumb muscles are much smaller and weaker, you likely wouldn't be. my thumb hurts (the thumb in place while the fingers on the same hand do the fretting) ridiculously when playing after about 10 minutes. its. Jun 29,  · Classical Guitar technique: studies, scales, arpeggios, theory. and how to transfer the weight of your arm to the fretboard is both important and might be helpful in alleviating your thumb pain, there is absolutely no substitute for developing hand strength and endurance. Note how the thumb isn't "pressing" on the back of the neck anymore; it's "pinching" or "hugging" it. The force from pressing on the strings affects your thumb-hand joint less. This grip isn't initially as ergonomic as the above grip, but it will help prevent pain, which has been said above is very bad! I play guitar for about 2 years and only last time I started feel strong pain in thumb joint when playing barre chords. I never had it before. As I play a little ( min) it stars to hurt bitterly. I had exactly the same problem a couple of years ago. I hadn't changed my technique or hand.
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