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  • 14.07.2010
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Coffee makes me pee

View All LocationsorView Locations Near Me Needing to pee more than eight times per day often indicates a problem. Especially carbonated beverages, caffeine, alcohol, even decaf coffee and tea. Weak pelvic muscles. This can occur after a woman gives birth vaginally, after a man has prostate. Having too much caffeine may make some individuals feel nervous, which means that it will make you have to urinate (pee) more often. Sci has heard from many quarters that Coffee makes you pee, and that . some basic blog stuff on it, but not me because Sci is not an expert). Dec 17,  · If coffee causes bladder urgency, the only guaranteed treatment is to abstain from coffee and other caffeine-containing substances. Since caffeine is a powerful substance, slowly eliminate it from your diet. Begin by reducing your caffeine intake by just one drink. After a . How often you have to urinate depends on how much fluid you drink and the level of stimulatory signals sent to your bladder. One substance that may make you have to urinate more often is caffeine, though caffeine's effect on urinary output diminishes with regular use. If you feel like you are. The increased fluid intake from drinking tea can lead to more frequent urination. As well, some teas also contain diuretic compounds or are natural diuretics, which can also increase urination. While drinking a lot of tea can naturally cause you to urinate more often, frequent urination may also be.
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