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  • 14.01.2010
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Ted thompson gay

Ted Thompson, at all other times, tries to make the Green Bay Packers a .. I wish Ted Thompson was gay, that would be good for gays to have. On an off-topic, my dad insists TT is not only a poor GM, but is also gay. Now, my dad is great, but he's a bit of a homophobe and bigot. Answers to your questions about Ted Thompson's life, age, relationships, sexual We don't know for a fact whether Ted Thompson is gay, bisexual or straight. It sounds like Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson sees it that way. When asked for his reaction to Sam being the first openly gay player in the NFL, Thompson on Friday said: “I haven. Ted Thompson is a Hall of Fame GM Green Bay Packers General Manager Ted Thompson has led the franchise to one of the most successful runs in league history. The Packers have made the playoffs for. I and others that have known him for over 30 years, know for a fact, Ted Thompson is not gay, because we know he has known many women in the very biblical way. Got it Pig! When was Gay Thompson.
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