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  • 01.03.2010
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How to remove latex paint from trim

technique for removing dry paint spills from wood trim will depend on whether the paint is oil-based or latex. These steps will walk you through both methods. Use this handy guide—and an even handier tool—to restore the clean lines of wood trim that has been gunked up by layers of paint jobs from decades past. Walls framed by baseboards and crown molding exude unmistakable character and polish, most notably in historical homes adorned. Latex wall paint is easier to wipe off when it's wet than after it dries, but you can remove even fully How to Clean Stuff: How to Remove Paint from Wood Trim. Fresh Paint. Rinse the rag and wipe the surface with clean water to remove any final residue from the spot. Wipe over it with a clean paper towel to dry the trim surface. Steps to Remove the Stain: If the paint is latex, all you need to do to remove it is rub it with a rag and denatured alcohol, If denatured alcohol doesn’t work, you probably have oil-based paint. Next, wipe the colored spots with a rag and mineral spirits. Finally, wipe any areas which were. The best time to remove latex paint from any surface is while it's still wet. Dampen a rag and wipe the paint off, and then turn the rag over and rub vigorously to get rid of the residue.
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