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Intramammary lymph node breast

Am J Surg. Oct;(4) Intramammary lymph nodes and breast cancer: a marker for disease severity, or just another lymph node? Guth AA(1). Abstract. Abstract # Introduction Intramammary lymph nodes are defined as lymph nodes surrounded by breast tissue. They are a. Intramammary lymph nodes (IMLN) are lymph nodes within the breast tissue. In breast imaging, they generally fall into BIRADS II lesions 7. They can be solitary. BACKGROUND: Axillary lymph node status is still considered the most significant prognostic factor for breast cancer outcome, and treatment decisions are based on the presence or absence of nodal disease. Intramammary lymph nodes (IMLNs) can be a site of regional spread. Is this a marker for more aggressive disease?Cited by: Oct 25,  · Everyone has inframammary lymph nodes, they are sometimes noted and identified on imaging. All the known lesions and cysts make you a Birads 3, and six month follow ups are customary to make sure there are no changes over time. Intramammary lymph node of the breast Axillary or axillary lymph nodes are encoded under intramammary lymph nodes. Due to their location, they most often suffer from serious diseases, including breast cancer. If you suspect a lesion of the breast, the intramammary lymph node is examined first.
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