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Bottom of foot numb

Your feet rely on touch for a variety of reasons. If you experience numbness in your foot, you may have little to no sensation. Foot numbness is. Often the feet may also feel numb and painful. This isn't usually . Bumps on the bottom of the foot can have a number of causes. Some bumps. The pressure on that nerve can cause pain in the ball of your foot and numbness in your toes. Activity or certain types of shoes can make it. May 07,  · Step 1, Get moving. Often numbness in the feet or toes occurs when you have been sitting or standing in one place for a long time. The best way to get rid of this kind of numbness is to stimulate circulation in the foot by moving around. Try going for a short walk, or even just moving your foot around while you sit. In addition to helping you get rid of occasional numbness, regular exercise 82%(23). If your numb feet are accompanied by any of the following symptoms, consult your doctor immediately: Bladder or bowel dysfunction: lack of control. Saddle anaesthesia: numbness in your groin. Difficulty walking: particularly tripping over your feet due to not being able to lift your forefoot. Aug 11,  · There are a number of reasons that the soles of your feet along with the toes can feel numb. One is circulation problems, causing ischemia, or low blood flow to the area, from peripheral vascular disease. Another is a nerve problem, from inflammation/pressure on a specific nerve that goes to the bottom of the feet (the first sacral nerve).
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