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  • 22.01.2010
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Why people like sex

The Top 20 Reasons People Have Sex. Sexual motives go far beyond the 'Big Three' -- love, pleasure, and making babies. By Kelli Miller. Do you love to have sex? If you do, you're not alone. Scientists know that sex is a pleasurable experience for most women. But how and why. Well, for some individuals, pain and pleasure can sometimes overlap in a sexual context, but how come? Some people find pain pleasurable during sexual acts, but why? So what happens when an individual finds pleasure in pain during foreplay or sexual intercourse? Healthy, mutually. Why Men Like Porn. As it turns out, men are pretty much hard-wired to like watching -- or reading about -- other people having sex. Here's why they do it -- and why it's probably sexualviolence.info: Matt Mcmillen. Apr 08,  · It is said that the average man thinks about sex every 52 seconds. Other theories even claim that there are only three seconds between one and the next erotic thought of man. Yet another theory holds that it is more realistic for men to think abou. Dec 13,  · Anal sex tops the "must try" list for many guys…but it's not exactly up there for most women. We asked a few seasoned sex experts why men are so fascinated by the idea of Author: Natasha Burton.
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