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  • 09.04.2010
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Gray hair is sexy

Women find men with gray hair very attractive.♥ Read on to find out which haircuts make gray hair particularly sexy. As a woman who went prematurely gray in her 30s, I have watched with interest as gray hair has become a fashion statement for both young. A growing number of women under 50 are ditching the hair dye to wear their Young women are embracing their gray hair like never before—and I, “Men are often said to be 'distinguished and sexy' when turning gray. Want to be a hot silver fox? Men with silver and grey hair can still look sexy and stylish, and sometimes all it takes is a modern haircut. In fact, the best hairstyles for grey haired men can shave years off a guy’s age, allowing him to look as youthful as he feels. But gray-haired men, what you need to know is this: you’re not sexy simply because you’ve got gray hair. If you’re going to be a hit with the ladies, you also need to think about proper hair care and the right haircut. Why does hair turn gray? First we need to know why our hair turns gray, sooner or later. Mar 16,  · Gray hair on women is just as sexy as it is on men. Just look at Salma Hayek. The hair we all once used to try to cover with dye is a singular statement of personal independence, and a way to Author: Anthea Butler.
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