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  • 30.01.2010
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Breast cancer brain metastasis

Brain metastases represent an unmet medical need in solid tumor care, especially in breast cancer, where brain metastases are frequent and. Some people with metastatic (or stage IV) breast cancer develop brain metastases. Symptoms of breast cancer that has spread to the brain. Abstract: Brain metastases from breast cancer have a poor prognosis. There have been few cases reported where patients with breast cancer. Nov 24,  · Breast cancer represents the second most frequent cause of brain metastases after lung cancer, with metastases occurring in 10–16 % of patients [1]. In addition, autopsy studies have demonstrated another 10 % which were asymptomatic [2].Author: José Pablo Leone, Bernardo Amadeo Leone. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer associated with brain metastases in the United States [1]. As patients with advanced breast cancer live longer, the incidence of brain metastases appears to be increasing. In a subset of women, progression in the central nervous system (CNS) has become the major life-limiting problem. Breast cancer brain metastases are becoming more common We know some of this is subtype dependent, meaning certain subtypes of breast cancer, such as HER2-positive, triple-negative, or basal-like breast cancer, are more likely to metastasize to the brain.
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