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How does breastfeeding affect breasts

WebMD explains how breastfeeding can affect your breasts. Learn what to expect What will nursing do to your breasts? Think of their size. I breastfed four babies and, boy, do I have the boobs to prove it. "The production of breast milk and increased breast size can cause the. It's pregnancy, rather than breastfeeding, that may cause your breasts to change And comfort yourself with the thought that your breasts do an amazing job of. Other Breast or Chest Surgeries: Any time the skin around the breast is cut, there is a chance it could affect breastfeeding. The milk ducts, nerves, and milk-making breast tissue can be damaged during surgery especially around the nipple and areola. Jul 22,  · 6 Major Ways Your Boobs Change After Breastfeeding. My breasts haven't been the same since I weaned my last kid, and I'm not talking about the changes that come just from aging Author: Charlotte Hilton Andersen. 0 Does Breast Size Affect Breastfeeding. I’m a member of several communities and forum helping moms raise their babies. One of the popular questions I’ve come across is: Does Breast Size Affect Breastfeeding? This question has also sparked debates about the relationship between breast .
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