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Mtf breast development

A chill primer on estrogen, breast augmentation, skirts, and other things a trans girl MTF Breast Growth Stages When You're Transitioning. Transgender women who take sex hormones to feminize their bodies may not experience as much breast development as they expect, a new European study suggests. Researchers followed people transitioning from male to female for one year after they started taking what’s known as. Post with 43 votes and views. Shared by granddiane. MtF Breast Development. Sep 14,  · Dana Bevan is not a medical doctor but she does know what the scientific evidence says about taking progesterone as part of MtF TS hormone therapy with regard to breast development. Clinicians are divided on the subject but there are those MtF TS and doctors who swear it makes a big difference, and public information sources support the MtF TS contentions. It clearly shows that the breasts of male-to-female transsexual women are considerably smaller than genetic XX women. To make matters worse, the width of the average transsexual woman's thorax is greater than that of the average female thorax, and so the breast development is proportional to the chest size even less than the figures indicate. Mar 06,  · Home» Blog» Research» Male to Female Breast Development: How Natural Breast Enhancement Can Help. For trans women, one of the most time-consuming and frustrating things about transitioning from male to female can be the development of the breasts.
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