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Pain under arm near breast

We'll detail eight possible sources of pain under the left armpit as well as a painful lump near or around your armpit, schedule a visit with your doctor. Breast cancer may be another cause of underarm swelling and pain. There's a concentration of lymph nodes near the armpit on both sides of but if you notice pain or feel a lump under your arm or in your breast. In most cases, breast pain affects the upper, outer area of both breasts - the pain can The pain can spread to the underarm. If breast pain symptoms are severe, and none of the therapies mentioned above helped, the doctor may. Breast pain is a common symptom of menopause and can cause sore, swollen breasts and a persistent throbbing pain in the armpit. Breast pain can grow so severe that walking, jerky movements, or contact of any kind causes discomfort. The American Cancer Society says that sometimes a breast cancer can spread to lymph nodes under the arm or around the collarbone and cause a lump or swelling there, even before the original tumor in the breast tissue is large enough to be felt. 1 Therefore any pain or discomfort in the left or right armpit is something that should definitely be. Sep 26,  · One of the most common causes of breast pain under the arm is some sort of lump. A lump that develops in this area is an abnormal growth that may be hard, rubbery, immobile, or mobile. In some cases, it may be a benign cyst or other type of non-cancerous growth, but in others, underarm breast pain may be a symptom of a cancerous breast lump.
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