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  • 03.03.2010
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History of gay bars

Reports from as early as the 17th century record the existence of bars and clubs that catered to, or at least tolerated, openly gay clientele. The new documentary San Diego's Gay Bar History surveys some of the bars that have existed in the city and chronicles the various. You might enjoy going to them but how much do you actually know about the history of gay bars? It's time you learned a little something. Built originally as stables in the s and known as a gay bar starting in the early s, the current Stonewall sits at 53 Christopher Stm, but the original Stonewall Inn encompassed The modern LGBT civil rights movement began on Saturday, June 28, with the Stonewall Riots, when police raided a New York gay bar called the Stonewall Inn and the patrons fought back. A third factor in the shrinking number of gay bars in L.A. might be the advent of hook-up apps. “There’s this insane history of cruising in Los Angeles and it doesn’t exist anymore Author: Jesse Pearson.
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