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  • 11.05.2010
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Showering after breast augmentation

If you have a JP drain and you don't have a waterproof cover or if the cover has fallen off, you can shower 48 hours after your JP drain has been. Here is a basic list of instructions provided to breast augmentation patients at our office:Rest: After surgery you will be groggy from the. After Surgery Instructions: Breast Augmentation Have someone help you to go to the bathroom and take a shower. For the first week you should stay at home. In my practice, patients are instructed not to get any form of water on or near the incision site for fourteen days after breast augmentation surgery. They may sponge bathe immediately. The incision sites must remain clean and dry to reduce any type of infection, including . Normal Things: If you received implants as part of your breast lift, it is NORMAL for the implants to be high up, have un-even size, position or swelling, have sloshing noises, be painful, and be hard for the first few weeks after surgery. Please be patient with them. Massage implants ten reps each, once a day for the next month. It is easier to do this in the shower in the morning, when the warm water helps to relax your muscles. THEN do it once a month in conjunction with your BSE (breast self exam). Okay to shower. Do not take tub baths, get into the Jacuzzi, the beach or lakes for ONE MONTH.
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