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  • 25.04.2010
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Airplane sex stories

If you've ever thought about what sex on an airplane is really like, some lucky folks on Reddit know all about it. People who have joined the mile-high club. We get why so many celebs have joined the Mile High Club, they're always swanning off in private jets after all. Here, 12 people who've have sex on a plane share their experiences. She went into the bathroom, and I joined her a minute later. BAM BAM BAM - the fucking steward is. We asked flight attendants from a number of airlines to share their craziest, most NSFW airplane sex stories. Nov 21,  · You've probably heard of the Mile High Club, the mythical, exclusive organization made up of people who have sex on airplanes. Hell, maybe you're even a member. But even though airplane sex Author: Meagan Drillinger. He joins the mile-high club BBC style. Emma tries sex in the clouds. A Failed Romance: A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers. Musician visiting Rome learns to do it to classical music. She ended up doing most of her job on her back. and other exciting erotic at sexualviolence.info! Martin couldn't wait for the plane to touch down in Denver. The business trip he had been on had only lasted a couple of weeks, but it felt like months since he had been able to eat a home-cooked meal, sleep in his own bed and, most importantly, have sex with his girlfriend.
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