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  • 25.01.2010
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Asian gummy candy

Gummy candies are made out of gelatin which gives them their springy texture. From Meiji gummy candies to Shigekix, Asian Food Grocer has a wide selection of tasty gummies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you're craving the real fruit flavor of a Kasugai gummy or the delicious. Try Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and other Asian gummy candies in unique and delicious flavors. Shop from brands like Kasugai, Milkita, Meiji, Kanro. A taste sensation too good to believe! Made with real fruit juice - an intensely flavored, incredibly soft and juicy treat. Each Kasugai gummy comes individually . Our Asian snacks provide just the "mmmm" your mouth is missing. We carry a wide variety of Japanese snacks for you to crunch, munch, and chew. From the salty to the irresistibly sweet, our Asian snacks satisfy even the most voracious appetite. You'll find a large assortment of Do-It-Yourself Japanese Candy Kits, Pocky, and Hello Kitty snacks. Our global candy assortment also brings you flavors from Japan. Kasugai fruit gummy candies are a sweet, chewy treat in eclectic flavors like lychee, mango and strawberry. Try the authentic taste of lightly salted, sweet licorice that gives Gustaf's Dutch gummy drops their unique candy appeal. Buy Japanese and Asian candy online. Discover crazy fun candy and irresistible flavors of Hi-Chew, Kasugai, gummy candy, hard candy, craz DIY candy kits, and more!
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