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  • 17.01.2010
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Is johnny bench homosexual

52% of all voters think that Johnny Bench is gay (homosexual), 39% voted for straight (heterosexual), and 9% like to think that Johnny Bench is actually bisexual. The minute which made us wonder whether Johnny Bench is homosexual or not Was when he began hanging out with his so called new best friend. He says. Macho major league players, after all, aren't homosexual. Not publicly anyway. There are always those gossipy rumors: Johnny Bench is gay. Sports broadcaster, author, philanthropist, and Emmy Award winner--not to mention one of the greatest Major League Baseball catcher in history--Johnny Bench is a symbol of winning through hard work and teamwork. He signed with the Cincinnati Reds in the draft and made the major league roster the next year. However, Bench is much more than just a ballplayer. Johnny Bench born Your Johnny Bench card is not from Johnny Bench was born in and you are reading the wrong part of the card to figure out the year the card was issued. Jul 16,  · R26, Johnny Bench has addressed the gay rumors, several times over the years, with the media in Cincinnati. Bench has denied being gay but doesn't seem all that bothered by the rumors. If anything, he seems to get a good laugh out of all of them.
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